Prestige Leather Miniatures

Are you looking for that extra special item to bring your miniatures scene to life? Our leather miniatures are painstakingly made with real life detail. If they weren't only 1/12 the size of life size objects, you'd never know the difference!

While our Saddles, Harnesses, Cowboy Boots, Cowboy Hats (and a lot more) are perfect for a Miniature Western setting, we have something for just about any miniature scene...

  • Laser Pictures
  • Luggage
  • Guitar cases
  • Snowshoes
  • Golf Bags
  • Shoes, Boots, and Purses
  • And almost 100 different leather items, all made by hand!

We have been working with leather for over 40 years, and in leather miniatures for over 15 years. And we take pride in creating the best quality miniatures. Enjoy your visit, and feel free to ask us any questions concerning our leather products.

We do all of the handcarving, laser engraving, cutting and assembling ourselves, so you can be assured of the finest quality.

Enjoy your visit! And please check back here often as we are continuing to add new leather minis information and items for sale.

-George & Shirley Peterson

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